Bookworld is turning three

The online book market is an extremely competitive one with huge international players looking to get a big chunk of the Australian market. Previously there were two major international players influencing the buying behaviour of Australians. These two players were Amazon and Book Depository. The Book Depository was hugely successful and attracted the attention of Amazon. Amazon decided that rather than trying to compete with them, they would instead purchase them out. The two stores continue to run independently but are still dominating much of the market.

Australians two major online bookstores are Booktopia and Bookworld which has recently arisen as a major force in the Australian market as it approaches it’s third birthday. Bookworld has emerged from the collapse of Borders and Angus and Robertson. It has grown hugely and is now achieve huge sales in the Australian market helped by the weakening of the Australian dollar versus overseas currencies. Bookworld also grown with the use of a strong marketing strategy with offerings of a Bookworld coupon.

The journey since it’s inception since 2011 looks to be a strong one considering it’s backing by major publishers.

The international onslaught continues

Australia’s weak retail market has been under performing for a number of years now bugged by lower consumer confidence and a developing saving mentality. The issues for the retail environment has been compounded by the ever increasing number of international companies looking to setup shop in Australia. Some that have already set up shop include Zara, Uniqlo, H&M and more. Companies like homewares merchant Sonoma are taking on local companies such as Adairs and forcing them to compete on product and pricing. Adairs are forced to react with cheaper offers and promotional deals such as Adairs Coupon.

A number of huge multi nationals have already made a place here but more are on the way, attacking even more product categories. Australia is seen as attractive as the lower Australia dollar makes it cheaper to do business here.

37 of the worlds top 250 companies have already settled in Australia with many more looking to open stores locally.